Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Aaaagghhhh! I'm praying for a sunny day tomorrow!

Another snow day, another long day for mom. The difficulty is that I still have to work on a snow day. So I'm not available to entertain the kids and they just are bored out of their little minds. They are cooped up and we are all going crazy!

Today, I got off of a phone call to find this:

He's smiling, but he's completely STUCK. I took this picture after I had begun disassembling the chair. This was also after I had searched the house for Vaseline, opted out of the mess of butter and tried slathering him up with lotion. None of the tricks work, the chair had to be dismantled.

I think I might have growled, mumbled and said a few four letter words in my head.But rest assured he is out and his head is still attached to his body.

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Yorkie Lover said...

And I thought Marc was a challenge! Tell Ben that his Aunt Maryann loves watching what he'll do next...it's better than videos or TV.
Love ya.
Aunt Maryann