Monday, December 22, 2008

7 years and 1 day

Seven years and one day ago, I got the greatest Christmas present of my life!

It was the gift that has kept on giving!
The last 7 years have been filled with more delight, joy and pride than I ever could have imagined.

A birthday post for Ben HAD to be done in Black and White because Black is his favorite color. When Ben was 3 years old, he decided that he liked black, and explained that it is his favorite color because anywhere you look you can see something black.


Yorkie Lover said...

Happy Birthday Ben...what a beautiful gift. LaRae liked black for a long time also. Give him extra hugs from great Aunt Maryann.

Michelle Campbell said...

HI Tina, This is Ben's cousin, Michelle, from Henderson, NV. I got your blog off of my mom's (Teri Mangum) christmas letter from you guys. I love your blog. It's so fun to read and get to know you better. I'm sure glad Ben found you. You are great! You are so crafty... aprons, shirts, hats, stockings... Wow, is there anything you can't make!? :) I love the shelf Ben made for you above your fireplace. So beautiful! Your snow pictures were gorgeous. Does it normally snow where you guys live or was that a crazy fluke? I hate video games too (my son and husband love them!), but I love your "rewards store" idea. Very clever! :) Ok, one last thing... the pictures and story of little Ben getting his head stuck made me laugh out loud! Soo funny! You are such a good mom to go grab your camera instead of freaking out. haha.

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