Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When I'm in college...

As I've mentioned before my kids are pee'ers. Ben has never been at all bothered by being a bed wetter. You could not shame him on the matter. He has worn his pull-ups with pride. Even bragging once to his sister that he had, "peed my bed ever single night for SIX years!"

Then Sunday night when I put him to bed, and left the room I heard him crying. Nothing upsetting had occurred so I immediately investigated the cause for tears. He told me, "I don't like that I wear pull-ups still and I'm like a baby. I don't want to wear them anymore." Like a good mom, I questioned him to make sure that no one had teased him and that this sudden shame did not come from some terrible place. He told me that no one had said anything to him about it. We then decided that the following night we would limit his liquids after school, get him up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and give the whole thing a try. He calmed right down and everything was alright again.

So, that is exactly what we did last night. Only a sip of water with dinner, underwear to bed, and getting him up 3 times during the night to use the bathroom.

This morning... HE WAS DRY! Yes, dry for the first time in "SIX years!"

He is so proud of himself. He told me this afternoon that he has been really bothered by wearing pull-ups. That he has had nightmares about it. Then he told me, "Mom, I won't want to be wearing Pull-ups when I'm in College!!!" Oh, my boy is growing up... next thing I know he'll be in College. Now without the Pull-ups, he is just one step closer!

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Anonymous said...

That's a big step for a big boy. Congratulations to the whole family. It really takes team work!
One more milestone to add to the memory book...... ;o)
Love and Hugs,