Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What every kid needs

Growing up, I often heard my babysitter's (Nanny's) husband say that every kid needs "dirt to dig in and a tree to climb." To assist with this necessity, Big Ben has created a tree house in the large Mulberry in our front yard.This tree house almost makes me wish I was a kid again...
I'm pretty sure Big Ben feels the same way, since I've caught him hangin' out in the tree with the kids a few times.The downside... Sarah fell out of the tree on Sunday. It scared all of us. She was climbing out where she shouldn't have been. We were very lucky that she only got a small sore behind her ear. No broken bones, no head trauma. She is fine, and was right back up in the tree yesterday afternoon.

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ryanandamanda said...

I love Ben's rock star enthusiasm. Rock on Ben!!