Thursday, September 25, 2008

Behind the scenes

You can be jealous. I'll understand! I'm quite sure you have always wanted a behind the scenes tour of the grocery store and a trip to Jack in the Box with 26 preschoolers. I know, this is something that every adult aspires to, but unfortunately, this time I am the only one that was lucky enough to be allowed to enjoy this experience.

Sarah's preschool had a field trip today. Four classes walked down the street to the grocery store for a tour then walked to Jack in the Box for lunch, before returning to the school. Somehow, I was persuaded to participate. The real persuasion was that I really enjoy the school staff members and the other moms and went along more as a social opportunity. Yes, purely selfish motives. The kids toured the produce dept., the meat section, got to see the loading dock and the box baler and the event was rounded out by a stop at the bakery and cookies for everyone. Jack in the Box quickly prepared 26 kids meals and then we walked back. It was a very eventful morning and I'm sure the kids all took a VERY good nap this afternoon.

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David & Eliza said...

Sounds like a crazy couple of weeks. Sarah's hair looks so cute (I'd show Lucy the pictures, but then she'd expect me to reproduce it on her, yeah right!)