Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Ben's dad and I went to his Parent-Teacher Conference yesterday. We were so proud to hear that he is doing fantastic in school. His teacher said that he would be happy if he had a whole class filled with kids like Ben. I know we aren't the first parents to hear these words of praise, but it definitely thrilled us. Ben was happy when we told him the news that he will not have to return to Kindergarten... I don't think he believed that was such a funny joke.

We didn't even get the dreaded "Ben talks too much in class, " that we were expecting to hear. He is a performer, and he tries to be the class clown, but according to Mr. L he is learning the appropriate times for being a clown.

Yayy Ben! I'm proud of you~!

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Anonymous said...

Grandma is very proud as well. Ben has the perfect blend of social and academic. You can't help but love him. I'm so proud of you Ben. Keep up the good work. I love you sooooo much
Grandma Castillo