Friday, January 23, 2009

Trip to the Emergency Room

Calm down... nothing happened to us!

Someone else is going to ER! My friend Bryn just clued me in on the news... George Clooney is coming back to ER for it's final season.

I haven't watched ER in years... in fact I haven't watched ER since Clooney left. Watching him used to light up my Thursday nights. When he was on the show, missing an episode was just not an option.

Don't worry Dr. Ross, when you come back to ER I'll be there again waiting for you! I'm sure you were concerned!


Anonymous said...

Excuse me. I think I was in line ahead of you to see the good doctor. And if that happens to be Tom Selleck in the next bed over, then just let me die in the ER -- a HAPPY woman!

David & Eliza said...

Wow, this is news. Too bad we can't all watch together again.