Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Parade of Delight

We had a parade today! It was a whole parade of Sarah.

There were MANY costume changes!

She twirled!
She cheered!
I clapped in rhythm!
She posed!

She sang a different song for each outfit!

Perhaps, my favorite moment in the parade was when she came out wearing a yellow skirt. As she escaped back into her room for her next change, the skirt slipped down around her ankles and tripped her, she went tumbling. I was laughing too hard to capture a picture of the moment. Yep, that's stellar parenting... I was 1. laughing at my child 2. immediately disappointed about not capturing it for posterity... oh, yeah and she was ok, that was my third thought!

Performing for your Adoring public can be tough work!

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