Thursday, August 20, 2009

A whole new world

We have a new Kindergartner! Sarah has "officially" started school.

She was so excited!

And a 2nd grade brother, who wasn't so excited about the prospect of returning to school.

Sarah is now a Tompkin Tiger!

This was the moment Sarah realized that this might not be as exciting as it seemed the night before.
She cried! But only for a minute and when I picked her up after school she said she "had a great day!" And was upset that I picked her up too early! She also told me she made a friend and she was sure she would make a lot more friends!

Our Monkey is in the monkey class! So appropriate!

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Anonymous said...

What memories it brought back! Right down to the new dress for school and the parting photo at the front door! Could it have been that long ago that Sarah and Ben's Mommy was headed off for her first day of Kindergarten? Cherish every moment.
They go so fast.......