Thursday, August 20, 2009

It sounded like a good idea

For 20 years, my dad has talked about wanting to make a trip to see a Copper Mine near our favorite campground. He has been told about it, knew that it required a 4 wheel drive and has hoped to see it himself. A couple weeks ago while Big Ben and I were on a camping trip my dad, brother Rob, and nephew Kevin showed up at the campground in Rob's 4 wheel drive Kia. This seemed like my dad's perfect opportunity. So we all loaded up and struck out on the adventure.

The road was long, steep, rocky, windy, slanty and treacherous. We kept going with the thought that we were in a 4 wheel drive and would have no problem on our return trip. However, remember it was a KIA!

At the bottom of the long road we found a beautiful river. And a VERY small copper mine (only about 20 feet in depth) and some people camping down there. We looked things over and got in the car to start our return trip, however, we quickly realized there was no operable 4 wheel drive on the Kia and we were left with only a rear wheel drive KIA to get us out. We weren't going anywhere.

Because we might be the luckiest people in the whole wide world, the people camped there were super nice and had a 4 wheel drive with full towing ability. The wonderful people towed our butts ALL the way out of there. What could have turned into a nightmare was in the end a 3 hour adventure.

Lesson learned! Next time my dad and Rob have a "brilliant" idea for an adventure... we will stay in camp!

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