Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Ok, meet FlyLady! She's trying to change the world one kitchen sink at a time. Fly Lady provides help for life. She's a life coach. Her program is completely free and completely broken down into tiny little babysteps. The babysteps are meant to heal a life and home that is being consumed by chaos. Normally, I don't think chaos is a gigantic problem for me, but I am always looking for helpful tricks to make things easier.

Step One for the Fly Lady is your Kitchen Sink... yep, your Kitchen sink. The premise is that if you start out each day with a clean, shiny sink your entire outlook on life will be changed. It will be a small step that will make a giant difference in your life.

It reminds me of my grandma's advice that if you "keep your dishes done and your beds made, everyone will think you are a good housekeeper!"

I've been working on the Kitchen Sink thing. It works! When I get up in the morning and my sink is clean and shiny and there aren't dishes waiting for me, I am more motivated the entire day to maintain the cleanliness.

I highly recommend it. Check out Fly Lady, read her daily goals... but definitely shine your sink up before you go to bed tonight, in the morning you'll be glad you did!

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