Saturday, June 13, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, this man right here
My handsome husband took me on a little weekend excursion.
We went to Lone Pine and stayed at the Dow Villa "historical" hotel.
We explored and hiked.

We enjoyed the beauty of Whitney Portals... the eastern entrance to Mt. Whitney.

Another hiker convinced us to take a trail that we later discovered was classified as "strenuous."

I love this guy!

Just when we were loving the blue skies and the views... the clouds started to roll in...
And the rain started...

We got soaked.
And had to take shelter under a rock.
We spotted this tiny little orphaned baby on the way back. I had fears of it's crazed mama coming jumping out of no where to defend her baby... but that didn't happen.
It was a fantastic weekend!

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