Wednesday, April 15, 2009


BYU Creamery Chocolate Milk... The choice of Champions!

After telling Ben for days about "The best chocolate milk in the whole wide world," we headed to the bookstore on campus to pick some up. We sat in the Wilk with our little sack lunch, packed that morning for the occasion, on the floor in a hallway. Ben was at first dismayed by just sitting on the floor to eat our lunch (all the tables were filled) so I explained to him that sitting on the floor is just what college students do. We then pulled out the milk. Ben took one drink and said, "It tastes just like EVERY other chocolate milk." Stunned, I went on with my lunch and didn't respond. How could this child of mine, this boy who has been raised to love and appreciate chocolate milk so much, not comprehend the amazingness of what he was consuming? Not wanting to influence him I remained quiet. Then he took a few more drinks and spoke again, "Mom, I was just saying that... It REALLY is the best chocolate milk in the whole wide world." And at that moment, I felt bonded with my son in an entirely new and unique way!

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David & Eliza said...

That's awesome, way to make your mom proud Ben.