Friday, June 13, 2008

Personality Reflections

This afternoon the kids made Father's Day gifts. When they were all completed, I was impressed by the amount that their personalities were reflected in their creations. I have posted the pictures before, but I'd like to point out the artwork.

Broc is willing to try different things, but he is very balanced. Everything in his life seems to be symmetrical.
Ben on the other hand has nothing that is symmetrical. He thinks outside of the box. He does a mismatch of different things.
Maris is our girly, pink princess. She is meticulous about doing things perfectly. And she likes all the extra bells and whistles added to everything.
Sarah likes things pretty, but simple. She likes order and symmetry.

The kids created these completely on their own. I did the glitter drawing, but only with their complete direction and instruction.

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