Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Fairy Tale

Once upon a time…


I believed this stuff was a creation of the devil! And knew that it was NOT invented by a woman because no woman on Earth would believe it a good idea to give this stuff to children!


I was horrified that my children had gotten it as a “loving” gift from a grandmother! And I banished the Devil’s Dirt to a cabinet in the laundry room!

Then one day, it managed to make it’s way out of it’s confinement… and a miracle occurred!


Did you see it? Did you see the miracle in the picture?

Let me show you again in case you missed it…


Yep, right there it is!

My children, who sometimes have tendencies toward geniusness (is that a word?), realized that if they clean up their mess… Mom will let them play with the Moon Sand! They realized this all on their own and take it upon themselves to clean up.

I couldn’t be more proud!

And now Moon Sand is a very acceptable rainy day activity, and that is exactly what happened at our house today.

P1100246 P1100242 P1100244 P1100245

And they all lived Happily Ever After!


Anonymous said...

Love it!
(an other grandmother)

David & Eliza said...

I still haven't discovered the miracle of moon sand- I made it an outside activity for my sanity and I'm pretty sure it's not biodegradable- opps.

merrilee said...

We received moon sand for christmas too. After 1 afternoon of moonsand play even my 4 year old son told me it was too messy and he wanted to throw it away and just play with his usual playdough.He didn't like they way his creations fell apart too easily and then made a big mess that his brother would try to eat. What can I say, I love that child.