Friday, September 4, 2009


I typically avoid commenting on politics, but I have become quite irritated by an issue that I believe to be crossing from politics to parenting. Obviously, I don't have a problem commenting on parenting.

Last night, there was a story on the news... actually, two stories about the same subject. The subject: President Obama speaking to school children. First, the news broadcasters told me about a school in Utah where the children were shown a broadcast of President Obama; he told them to work hard in school and welcomed them to the new school year. The parents of these students were outraged and demanded an apology from the principal. A mother was interviewed and stated that she doesn't talk to her friends about politics and therefore her children should not be taught about politics in school. OH, MY GOSH!!! Is this for real? Children should NOT be taught about politics in school? This must be a joke. For goodness sake, the man is the President of the United States!!! I don't care if you agree with his political views, and I don't care if you didn't vote for him, once he is elected he IS the President and that deserves some degree of respect. We should be encouraging our children to become educated concerning what their political leaders believe and what their platforms are.

The next story, similar in type, is concerning the President's planned speech that will be broadcast over the Internet to all schools. I am shocked by the Facebook movement encouraging people to keep their kids out of school on the day of the speech as a means of protest. Protest of what? I don't understand. I don't believe that he is going to be attempting to "brainwash" my children.

Allow me to make something clear, I tend to be very politically conservative, and I did not vote for Obama. However, even at 7 years old, I don't believe that my son should be spoon fed my political views or sheltered from any other views. I do not agree with, but can understand a parent keeping their children out of school on Sex Ed day, but keeping them out of school for a Presidential address is NOT the same thing!

I want to encourage my children to make educated political decisions, not ignorant, isolated decisions.


Amanda said...

Amen . . . Amen. Ryan and I were talking about this last night. We couldn't agree more. It is the President for cryin out loud.

David & Eliza said...

Yeah, I felt the same way when Minnesota parents were outraged that their children were going to listen to the President. How is it "protecting" your children? From what, learning more about who our President is and what he does?